Friday, January 18, 2013

TLP Birthday Bash!!

There is so much going on right now at the pad.....  You are NOT going to want to miss it!  We have tons of challenges, games and PRIZES, plus a 30% store wide sale!  I wanted to have a new kit ready for today, but life got in the way of that happening (sigh).  That's all part of me trying to be more balanced (my new word for 2013).  It will be ready for next week though.  In the meantime, I DID manage to make a set of 8,5x11 templates and template builder as requested by a few of you.  I hope you find them to your liking!  I had to reduce the blocks to 70% of their original size to make them fit.  That gave me room for another row of blocks and a footer area.  So actually, you are getting more options with this format!  ;)  The element packs still work with the 8,5x11 templates, but they need to be reduced to 70% of their original size as well.  Oh, and I made a new DYY element pack - some chalked Notes... and a pack of Woody Feathers that include a PDF printable version for your hybrid projects!  Have a great weekend!


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