Friday, January 11, 2013

Document Your Year collection!

Have you tried and failed to document your year with a system that requires daily or weekly maintenance?  Have you felt guilty about falling behind or missing a day?  Shouldn't your documenting system follow your pace rather than you trying to keep up with others?  That's how I felt, so I put together a tool that you can use to build your own templates to meet your scrapping needs.  

This is NOT a set of ready-made templates, though I did make some,  for those of you who are not quite ready to work outside your comfort zone.  What THIS is, is a very large psd file with coloured blocks that you can turn on and off according to the number of photos you want, their size, and their positions.  Introducing the Template Builder.  Click the image below to view or download a video tutorial my dh so kindly put together for me.  We had some trouble with a cut-off at the beginning and the end, so we are working to get that fixed, but for now at least you can see how to use these!  :)

And here's a closer view of the product.  It comes with a template block guide to help you identify which blocks you want to turn on and off.  All of these blocks are included in the Template Builder, allowing for hundreds of possible combinations!!  

So... if you don't feel quite ready to try the Template Builder, or your software doesn't support psd files, I have also prepared a set of 25 ready-made templates that you can mix and match.  They range from 1 photo block to 16.  I've included psd files, tiff files and storyboards in png files.  But wait, there's more!!!  Scroll down!!!!!!

I've created CO-CORDINATING ELEMENT PACKS to match the template blocks!!!!  Yes!  That's right!!!  The elements are named according the block color they match so it's as easy as pie to fit them into your template!  Many more element packs are on the way.  This is just the beginning!!  

This collection is available at as of today, and it's 20% off for the weekend! 


  1. This is why I'm so happy you are designing again. Because you are brilliant!! LOVE it ALL!!

  2. You are just so very creative! You are bursting with ideas... and they always amaze me. Good job! Can't wait to try this all!!!

  3. I just watched the video for template builder. Genius. It is a little out of my comfort zone because i am new and so far have just used ready made templates but i think i can do it. I might have to make myself a little list of what to do there at the end when you trash part of it ( : Off to purchase. Thanks!