Friday, March 22, 2013

Tattered Overlays are making a come-back!

Tattered Overlays 2 are back in store!!  I split the paper overlays into two sets.  Set 1 is a set of 6 overlays to give a tattered look to your 12 x 12 papers.  Set 2 is a set of 4 scalloped edge overlays with 8 optional doodled borders.  Again, you can clip any paper to these to give it a worn, torn, tattered look!  I've also created a set of Tattered 2 Photo overlays - 9 overlays with optional colored frames, totalling 30 photo overlays in all!  Notice that all three sets are available in both CU (commercial use) and PU (personal use) versions.

Finally, I have a new set of fun monogram stamps.  These are available with and without the defining words, allowing you to add your own definitions in any language!! 

All of these fine products are 20% off this entire weekend!  

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