Friday, November 16, 2012

Slowly coming back to life...

This morning I started putting together my plan for a re-launch of Lynne-Marie designs...  No, I wasn't able to stay away too long!  The break has been good though.  I was able to gain perspective and do some re-focusing in other areas of my life.

As of January 2013, I will be guesting at a shop that I have long-admired.  I have tons of fresh ideas buzzing around in my head!  One word captures the essence of this renewed venture:  Simplicity.  My new designs will be governed by this thought and so will the way I do business.

Over the summer I heard a sermon about how being off course by 2 degrees can make you miss your destination all-together.  It really hit home.  I had left designing with no intention to return precisely because I felt it was pulling me away from my true purpose in life.  However, I was feeling sad about my decision.  I missed designing.  The sermon ended with this thought - if it only takes 2 degrees to throw you off course, then you only need to make a 2 degree adjustment to realign.  My all-or-nothing attitude had me doing a 180.  So here I am, charting the course for 2013, and it will include designing alongside our musical projects which are well underway.   :)


  1. Yay, I am SOOO excited to hear this!!!

  2. WooHoo! I'm so glad you've decided to make the necessary adjustments! Made me wander back to the popular title "2 Degrees of Separation"... I don't know the content of the book, but it fits with your thought process ;-)

  3. Great news to finish 2012 with a joyful heart and hope for 2013! So glad you'll be creating again. You have a God given gift, in fact many God given gifts. So happy that you won't be hiding them.... Can't wait to see what you'll come up with, my creative friend. Love you - and blessed to know you! YOU ROCK!!!